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Fall into Fashion 2015- Fringe

As promised, this week I’m taking a break from the fixer upper and focusing on fall fashion!

I’ll give you my five top trends for fall, starting today with fringe.  It is perhaps my favorite fall trend as I think this fall I have officially gone gypsy.  I may never come back.

What I love about the gypsy style is that it combines two of my favorite styles, boho and country.  And it tacks on just a hint of glam (read- lots of fun accessories).  This style isn’t for the faint of heart, it takes courage!

You can find fringe on just about anything this season, from shirts to bags to boots.  I recommend using one standout piece.

I also really love the smaller trends in this outfit- the feathers, the arrowhead and the bucket bag.

White top

Bracelet bangle

Panacea chain jewelry

Charm jewelry


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