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Fall into Fashion 2015- Gypsy Prints

What’s the surest way to having a wardrobe that gives you a big old yawn?  Having no prints in your closet.  Yes, solids are staples and put the focus on you.  But let’s spice things up a bit.  I challenge you to buy three new pieces this fall that all have prints.  I bet they become your favorites!

This outfit features a tribal print.  I’m mixing a little bit of Native American/Boho and Indian style here.  What does that get me?  Gypsy.  I’m pretty sure there are no rules for what qualifies in this genre but don’t forget the western influence.  Think of it like modern country, ya, just like your house.

I styled this outfit with my new hat, the Panama, a sun catcher necklace and a tasseled bootie.  If you don’t have a neutral bootie, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for.

However you style your gypsy gear, it should set you free.  🙂

Topshop pattern dress $61 –

Wallis sparkle jewelry

BP black wool hat


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