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Fashion 101- Piece by Piece

This is the last installment in Fashion 101.  You should now know what your style is, how to find colors that look good on you, what your shape is and what fit your body was made for and how to edit your closet.  Our last item on the agenda is probably what most of you find the most difficult- putting together the pieces- or creating outfits. First and foremost, remember that opposites are your friends.  Just like in real life, you may be attracted to people who are more outgoing than you are or who will drag you out on the dance floor when you’ve only been able to down one beer… You will also find that clothes are thusly matched. What does this mean?  It means that if you’re wondering what goes with a maxi skirt, it won’t be your long cardigan.  Or if you’ve got the legs for those fabulous shorts, you probably won’t be wearing a crop top with them.  The only except to this rule that I can think of is when you wear capris.  I’m not a big fan of capris (shortened pants) with something long on top.  It’ll only make you look choppy, especially if you’re petite. Another thing to remember with opposites attracting- it also applies to loose and tight. Now, when choosing pieces in your closet, don’t forget the basic fours: Color Texture Pattern Shine I can’t say them enough.  They are what make an interesting outfit.  For more information on them, visit this post- The Four Rules of Fashion. Also, please remember that fabrics have different pedigrees.  For example… where are you going in this outfit?  You wouldn’t wear a jeans and cotton top to a black tie event.  The same goes for pairing fabrics.  Keep casual fabrics together and vice versa.  For example…brocade needs to be paired with something like silk, an equally rich fabric. Lastly, don’t forget your accessories.  Items like jewelry, shoes and bags are where the outfits start to really become your own.  I heard once that you should always wear ten accessories per outfit.  Shoes, wedding rings, bags, coats, nail polish all count.  Are you getting close? I hope that we’ve at least scratched the surface that is fashion for beginners.  Or reminded those of you who know the basics that these are surefire ways to create an awesome wardrobe that works just for you. Congratulations graduates!


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