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Favorite Oscar Dresses of Past Years

My Top Ten Favorite Oscar Dresses Mila Kunis-

Oh, I nearly died when I saw her come out in this dress last year.  She is so beautiful, but then she wore this amazing color.  I have a special place in my heart for lilac.  And the cut of this gown!  Geez.  This was the ultimate in sex bomb. (Image courtesy of Gwynth Paltrow-

(Image courtesy of Apparently she was going for easy here.  But to me it really looks chic and sophisticated in a modern way.  I love how it flatters her body and I also love the use of the broach at her hip! Renee Zellweger-

(Image courtesy of This one is from awhile back now, but I love the power of red.  I also love the use of the cut-outs and the open back.  It really was a siren look for Renee. Michelle Williams-

(Image courtesy of This dress will go down in infamy for me.  You know how I love a good color and this is done so well.  I love the pop of red on her lips and the dark tone of her jewelry.

Cate Blanchett-

(Image courtesy of While Michelle looked fabulous in mustard, Cate radiated in sunshine yellow.  While I really enjoyed her dress from last year, this dress is my favorite for Cate.  I loved the pop of color with the burgundy belt and bag.  I also loved the bling on her shoulder. Penelope Cruz-

(Image courtesy of InStyle) How do you walk the red carpet?  In a color that flatters you (wow does Penelope look great in navy), add in some beautiful feathers and don a dress that accentuates your curves.  I’m not sure I’ve seen her top this dress yet! Helen Murran-

(Image courtesy of This woman may define the word “style” as we know it.  Not only is she in the “upper” age bracket, but she oozes sexy, beautiful and chic.  It leaves all of those mother-of-the-bride dresses something lacking, don’t you think?  I can only hope I look half this good at her age! Keira Knightley-

(Image courtesy of As with most of these ladies, it is seriously hard to make them look bad.  But this color flatters Keira so much.  She looks sexy and bold.  And that necklace really makes the whole look perfect! Kate Hudson-

(Image courtesy of Instyle) The queen of boho chic really looked all grown up in this dress.  It seems to me that it was the first of many sparkly neutrals to come down the red carpet in those years. Charlize Theron-

(Image courtesy of Last but definitely not least is Charlize’s winning moment.  I’m not sure if it is the dress or the hair and makeup, or maybe just a combination of all three.  But she looked amazing, flapper-esk. I hope you enjoyed my list.  Be sure not to miss tomorrow’s 2012 best Oscar dresses. What is your favorite Oscar dress of all time?


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