Fixer Upper- Week 15

Last week we were slowed by some family get-togethers.  We had to attend two birthday parties, one wedding and one funeral.  Sounds like a title to a movie?

Work continued anyway.  And I promised last week that I would show you our countertops!  I decided to give concrete a try.  I found a local who did concrete countertops because we could try to DIY but we just don’t have the time.

I wanted something that felt more upscale than laminate.  But also something affordable.  We considered stainless steel but the price wasn’t right.  I also thought about butcher block but I wanted something a little more maintenance free.  Concrete it was!

We thought about doing this project ourselves but since we already have a renter, we felt in the best interest of time, we should just hire it done.  One less project waiting for us!  We found a local who did concrete countertops and put him in charge!

One thing I love about concrete is how rustic it can feel.  You can have concrete that looks polished and like real stone but I wanted it to feel more organic than that.  So I told the concrete man to mix in a tint (a darker grey) and to seal it in a matte finish instead of gloss.

The concrete man came out and took measurements for the countertops.  I decided on no backsplash.  I think it looks a little dated.  Plus eventually we might install some subway tile or a tile backsplash.  He also took measurements for our island.  Remember the one with the door back?

I wanted an overhang so that there could be a couple of bar stools slid up to it.  We discussed support and he took his information back to the shop to create the countertops there with his forms.

The only hiccup we had was the sink.  We had him measure for an old stainless steel sink we had and the corners of the sink were bevel cut.  And the hole that was made was square!  Thank goodness he brought out a new sink he found that fit the hole.  We were scared we wouldn’t find one that would fit!

I think they turned out fantastic.  I couldn’t be happier with the look and feel of concrete!  Here are some picts!

Close Ups of Concrete

Close Up of Concrete 2

New Sink and Faucet


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