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So It’s Been A Long Time

I apologize for the lack of recent posts.  I was hacked and my site went down and it was a just a really pleasant experience for me.  I wish I would have taken coding in college so I would know more about WordPress but as one guy at the help desk described it…it’s like having a new puppy that never gets trained.  Such a pain in the a**.

So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted any photos or status updates on the Fixer Upper. Life’s been busy and I lost track of what I’ve posted recently.  So I will try to take you on a journey from last spring.

Here’s what the kitchen looks like.  The cupboards are in, the lighting is in.  We need to add the crown moulding to the cabinets and a few other projects lingering here.



There’s our new island.  All the countertops are concrete.  And pretty much everything from cabinets to appliances and lighting are new.


See that old door in the background?  That will eventually be a sliding barn door to cover the pantry!  That one is still on the list of to-dos.


Remember how we opened up the wall here and added the beam to make the space feel bigger?

I apologize for my curtain shortness, I threw them up wherever there were brackets already.

Here is the entry door painted a very light blue.

Remember how we used an old door for the front of this island?

My little coat closet.

Here are the French doors that go out to the newly constructed deck.  (More pictures of that in the future.)

The hallway down to the bedrooms.  The flooring goes throughout the whole upper floor.  Well minus the bathroom.

Here’s the new vanity.

Again, pretty much everything is new.  New tub and shower, new interior doors, new toilet!

Here’s the master bedroom.

And the second bedroom.

Here is where we attached a garage and added an entrance door to the garage in the main entryway.

Here’s a shot of the basement.  Which is currently under construction.  We cut this door into the wall to make the basement a walkout.  You can’t believe how much more light it added to the room which makes the space feel bigger.

We’ve done so much work on the outside too but I think I’ll leave it at that for today!


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