Fixer Upper- Week Eight

We finished most of the work in the bathroom thanks to some extra hands this week.

Here’s the vanity with the faucets installed.  It’s looking pretty sexy!

Vanity With Sinks

I also did a little painting in the closet and texturizing in the pantry.  Nothing too exciting but progress.

Closet Painted

Adding Sand Texture to Pantry Walls

Painting Progress in the Pantry

And I did a little ceiling touch up paint where we took down the old soffit.  I don’t know how you feel about soffits but I can’t find a good reason to like them.  Yuck.

Kitchen Ceiling Minus Soffit

Just in time because our kitchen cabinets are in!  I’m SO excited to see them go in.  Hopefully I love them.  They are white with a flat shake look to them.  And they are custom ordered, not just your basic plastic bargain bin white cabinets (aka what I like to describe as bathroom cabinets).  My vote was for a few with glass fronts but I got out voted by the boss.  If it were my house, there would be glass in the two cabinets that will frame the sink.

We also purchased appliances for the kitchen.


There was a dishwasher that was left but we bought a refrigerator, a new above the stove microwave (again, not a decision I’d make for my own house, but for a rental, it’s fine) and a stove.  These are going to be all white.  And I’m a little worried because normally stainless steel appliances help break up an all white kitchen.  But I’ll do my best with the remainder of the kitchen choices to bring some life to the room.  I’ll save those for later!

Here’s a little kitchen preview.

Kitchen Rendering

Corner Cabinet Reveal

Another very non exciting aspect, but a very wonderful change is all of the outlets are now white and don’t have paint on them.  Just a little thing but makes a big difference!


If you’re wondering if we got a chance to install those cabinets over the long weekend…you’ll have to wait and see!


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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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