Fixer Upper- Week Seven

Wowza.  We have really hit a block.  Not much is happening on the fixer upper lately.  I only have a few cool things to show you. First, remember that coat closet that was at the top of the landing?  Well, I had an idea on how to make better use of that space.

Door on the Left

Don’t get me wrong, every place deserves to have a coat closet.  But it doesn’t need to be quite so deep!

Closet Without Door

My idea, let’s split this closet up and make part of it a pantry.

Wall Going Up In-between

A small kitchen desperately needs a pantry.  And I’m envisioning a nice little nook where each shelf pulls out.  And we will also build the shelves to roll out should you ever need attic access.  I’ll save a little surprise with this spot for a later date.

Mudding and Taping

And here is the small space for the pantry-

Tiny Pantry

While this space is only about eighteen inches wide, I have to say, it’ll be bigger than one side of my pantry space in my own kitchen and a shelf taller.  It’ll be a great spot for all those groceries. And a better usage of space than simply hanging coats.


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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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