Fixer Upper- Week Six

I had to laugh a little when I wrote that title.  Chip and Joanna would whip out a fixer upper in, at the most, a month’s time.  We are going to go WELL beyond that.  🙂  That’s what happens when your crew is just a handful of people working on it part-time.

This week the focus was mainly on the bathroom.  I’ll refresh your memory about what it looked like before-

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Shower

Shower Before

We took everything out of it (no more carpet, yea!) and did a little plumbing to move the shower head up.  That way tall people can shower too!  We also are working on plumbing for a new vanity with…double sinks!  I’m sure whomever will live here next will appreciate having two sinks, even if for now, there is only one bathroom.  I shopped Menards, Home Depot and Lowe’s for a new vanity and kept coming back to the first one I fell in love with…at Menards!

Here’s a picture of it in the store, just as a single sink.

Vanity from Menards

This beautiful piece has a black granite top and it looks amazing!  Here it is sitting in the kitchen waiting to be installed!

Double Sink Vanity, Covered In Dust

I also had to choose flooring for the bathroom.  (And really fun things like a toilet.  Um, one that keeps itself clean, thanks!)  If it were MY house, I would have done tile.  But since we don’t know the future of this home and I may have to clean it, we went with a sheet of laminate.  It looks like it has grout only I won’t have to try to scrub it.  The bonus, it was a remnant.

Here’s the flooring.  It is darker in real life (it resembles slate) and will look great with the vanity-

New Bathroom Floor

And if anyone does purchase the home, tile would be an easy upgrade.  (That they can clean themselves.)

I also painted the room Joanna’s favorite, SW Silver Strand.  It is a neutral with green tones. I loath painting in semi-gloss but for a bathroom, it is just a must.  If you want to argue, you can visit my bathroom that four kids use.  Trust me, semi-gloss.

Here’s the paint job-

Silver Strand Paint

Okay, that’s really hard to see.  I’ll take a better picture once we have a light in there.

Here’s the tub going in.  I tried to pick the biggest tub (who wants a tiny tub?) that looked easiest to clean.  I will not be getting shower doors and will go old school with a shower curtain.  Because you can throw them out when they are nasty.  #hateshowerdoors

Shower Gone

New Shower Going In

New Tub

So the bathroom is slowly coming together…  We still have TONS of plumbing to do.  It’ll be an exciting day to actually be able to flush the toilet!


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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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