Fixer Upper- Weeks 11 & 12

Yes!  I do still have a blog!  I know I keep you guessing but what I can I say?  This summer has been a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda summer.

For two weeks now life has just been barely breathable and I can now sigh a little breath of relief.  Among having company and having a birthday and few quick trips inbetween, we now have a renter in our fixer upper!  I’m so glad that our renter doesn’t mind that we are still working on finishing the place.

Last I left you, we had just installed the flooring.  And that was the last thing that we completed before the moving truck arrived.  Whew!  Just in time!

Here are some better pictures of the flooring, as promised.

Kitchen with Flooring

It’s a little dusty but ain’t she pretty?


Guest Bedroom

By Beam

Look how nicely it matches the beam?  This flooring runs through the entire first floor, minus the bathroom.  I love how seamless it feels and makes the whole house look like hardwood.

Now that it is essential, it was time to turn the water on and see how many leaks our plumbers had to fix.  Turns out there were a few.  😉  So installation for the shower and getting the washer and dryer hooked up took a little time.  But now there is actual running water, laundry services and a soon to be shower!  These things don’t necessarily translate well into picture form, but everybody needs water!

I think that’s all I’m going to post for today.  We are working fast and furious to be livable. Once that happens, work on the outside will start.  And that will be very exciting work!

#fixerupper #flooring #homedecor

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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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