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For You Girls In-between

This is going to be a strange diversion from the norm.  But I feel compelled to write this post, so you’re gonna get it anyway.

I’m not a small-sized girl.  I think from most of my blog posts, you can understand that I’m not a size zero.  Nor am shopping in the plus size either.  I’m somewhere in-between.

I think many of you girls are like me.  The average size of an American women in fact is a 14.  And for those of you who fall greatly under that size, this post may mean nothing to you.

For the rest of us,  I can totally relate to size struggles.  I’ve been up and down and up and down. Many of us mothers have been.  We have our pre-baby, right after baby, in-between baby and post-baby clothing.  It’s hard.  It really is to know what size we are and what size our goal is.

I can tell you that being low doesn’t mean being happier.  Happiness isn’t on the tag in your clothing anyway (please tell me you already know this).  But it’s hard when even people who love you ask you questions like “you don’t eat any more than I do,” “didn’t you used to be an athlete?” or “let’s challenge ourselves to a diet.” Oh so stubble, but the real meaning behind those comments is- “you no longer look a healthy weight.”

Yes I know I weigh in at more than 40 pounds than what I weighed in high school.  That’s the weight of my six year old.  But I don’t feel unhealthy.  Yes, I could eat better.  But my blood pressure is great!  And I exercise six hours a week.  I can chase after my kids and pick up something heavy.  So if I want to have a glass of wine and some chocolate, should I skimp on them so I can go down a size?  And then get down a size and indulge a little and go right back up?

My point…I guess I just want you all to know, I’m out there posting pictures of my post baby(s) body and I’m not ashamed.  Having three kids at almost 15 pounds each was worth it. At almost twenty years out from high school, I know God didn’t intended my body to stay the same weight as I was then.  I was just a girl and now I’m a woman.

So I hope I inspire you girls out there who are in-between and beyond.  Don’t get down on yourself for what the number says on the scale.  It doesn’t make you who you are.  Stay active and strive for health.  But be happy being average- you are not alone.


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