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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Since I missed Beauty Shop Saturday for a few weeks now for a few little things like say Christmas and New Year’s Eves, I thought I’d better return before you think I’ve forgotten about it. Today I don’t have a product to promote, just an idea.  If you’re like me you’re feeling a little broke now that the holidays are over and as much as we’d all like to hit the makeup counters or the drugstores, I just don’t have it in me financially. And that left me with a thought.  I have so many products in my makeup drawers now that I should really do a little something called mixing. This tip is especially for your lipsticks, glosses, stains and also your eyeshadows.  There are many times I purchase one of the above and realize it is just not my favorite color.  But I have completely forgotten about possibly mixing it with another color. 

(Image courtesy of Lipstick too bright?  Just dab it on lightly and cover with clear gloss=a new gloss!  Feeling bored with your eyeshadows?  Pretend your in preschool again and mix the shades to see what new colors you get. This tip doesn’t have to just be makeup only.  There are many people who swear by wearing two different scents.  I don’t have the greatest sense of smell, so I don’t think I’m the person to try this.  But those of you with great sniffers, I say go crazy!  See what awesome concoctions you can create! We layer clothes, accessories, heck even hair products get put on one after the other.  And every day I layer moisturizer (with SPF!), primer, foundation, powder, etc.  But that’s where my creativity stops. Salvage that tube of lipstick that was headed for the trash.  (Recycling!) And save yourself some dollars in the process! Your credit card will thank me. Happy Saturday!


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