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Golden Globes 2013 Best & Worst

While the awards show was pretty memorable (Tina and Amy were hilarious), the dresses were far less dramatic.  I can’t say that even the worst dressed dresses are really that bad! For me, the winner of best dressed goes to Naomi Watts.  I loved this burgundy color which was such a departure from the black and the nude and the sparkle. And I love the sleeves!  How sexy is this number and she is all covered up!  Love.  I don’t think she’s ever looked more beautiful!

Look of the Day photo | Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts in Zac Posen

Runner up for best dressed goes to Kate Hudson.  I think this is the sort of look that Jessica Chastain was going for last year at the Oscars but just didn’t pull it off as well as Kate does.  The other thing that bothered me was her hair kept kicking up in front.  Maybe it was static cling?

Look of the Day photo | Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen

Honorable mention-

Look of the Day photo | Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta

Zooey just looked like Zooey to me.  This was a bit of a funky retro look and she looked amazing in it.  And like she was completely comfortable in the look.

Now for the worst dressed. The nominees are:

Look of the Day photo | Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

I think this dress would be an awesome dress on anyone else.  But I’m so tired of seeing her in something see-thru, I could gag.  I understand that JLo dresses like JLo but I’m tired of it.

Look of the Day photo | Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift in Donna Karan Atelier

I have a love/hate relationship with this dress.  On one hand, it is nice to see Taylor looking more mature, sleek and sophisticated.  But did anyone else feel like she was wearing a bridesmaid’s dress?  Hm.  Not my fav.

Look of the Day photo | Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller in Erdem

Okay, I get that she was going for an “out there” 60s vibe.  But this dress just ain’t working.  And the color does nothing for her skin tone.  But kudos to her for wearing a something that shows her belly after a baby!

Look of the Day photo | Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn in Giorgio Armani

I think this top could be gorgeous but I don’t like the skirt.  It looks too scuba diver for me (which I know was a hot trend) but it just isn’t so great together.  Put a different skirt on this top and I think it could have been really fantastic.

Best Hair Awards-

Look of the Day photo | Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard

I just really enjoyed her simple and sleek hair do.  Especially on the red carpet.

Look of the Day photo | Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu

This dress looked so much better on TV than it does in this photo.  I like that it is really different.  And I love her hair.  The braids fit this romantic look.  She’s adorable.

Whose dress did you like best?  Now on to the Oscars!

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