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Good Nite, Sleep Tight

Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Something that we’ve all heard recently is how bed bug infestations are on the rise.  And no one really knows why.  And I have to say, this give me the weebees about buying clothing and furniture second hand. Especially when you hear that they have been found locally.  Yikes! Thrifting is one of my favorite pastimes.  And to know that I could potentially infect my own home with these expensive-to-eradicate-little-buggers makes me ill. So while I won’t probably give up the hobby, I will say this.  I have a few new rules for thrifting: 1)  This goes without saying, but I ALWAYS wash and dry in hot heat anything I’ve purchased secondhand.  If it is dry-clean only it goes in the Dryel bag in the dryer right away until it can be “officially” drycleaned, if it’s needed. 2)  Keep the bags of clothing tied tight and away from carseats, etc.  Preferably in a hot trunk. 3)  Check the clothing (and yourself) before purchasing and leaving the store.  Check seams and pockets and turn bags inside out. 4)  Don’t bring your purse into the store.  (Or your coat.) Take only your credit card or checkbook or cash.  Without your wallet. 5)  Be cautious about purchasing anything you cannot wash (like furniture).  They can hide even in wicker. And as a rule, don’t pick up curbside items! I’d like to say that these rules only apply to preowned clothing but I think it is wise to keep them in mind in dressing rooms and bedding departments as well. Be cautious! You can thank me for itching all night.  🙂


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