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I don’t have anything fashion related to say tonight.  That will have to wait until tomorrow.  It’s raining cats and dogs here and it is a very telling setting for an emotional day.  Today I have a heavy heart.  I heard of the passing of an old flame. I’m not sure how to feel.  It’s a little like hearing that a good friend that you’ve lost touch with over the years passed away.  All of a sudden memories of the time and place when you knew them come flooding back. It is also a weird feeling because we just sort of had a “thing.”  No, nothing like that.  But while we really didn’t have a normal boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, we understood each other.  I think I knew him and really didn’t know him at all, all at the same time.  Maybe that is all we ever really can say about the people we love. I do know this.  I know that I always wondered how his life had turned out.  I know that I thought of him now and then, especially when I heard this song, something we shared. Turns out at 36, he leaves behind a wife and three young children.  While that is devastating, I’m a little proud that he was so happy.  As if somehow I had a hand in helping him along to the person he was supposed to be with.  It made me glad to know that he loved someone, built a life with someone and, above all, turned to his faith when the chips were down. I know that he will always be a part of my former life and a cherished memory that I will carry with me. I know that we could have never been more than what we were then, but I’m glad to have had it. Goodbye Drew.


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