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Goodwill Hunting

Seventeen items for just about $100. That’s what I walked away with this weekend after my visit to Omaha, one of the best places around to Goodwill shop. The Omaha Goodwill’s are not only categorized by size (which cuts down dramatically on how long you spend there), but clean and stocked full of brand name clothing. You never know what you are going to find there, but I’ve purchased just about anything and everything you can think of at the Goodwill. This weekend’s treasures include:

1) Two pairs of khaki Bermuda shorts. Shorts are always something easy to find at the Goodwill. Shorts hardly ever change in style, you simply just need to find short or long and the right color. And for someone with kids, mine are forever getting some crazy stain on them that will not come out. So finding cheap pairs that I don’t have to worry about is a must. Plus, it is easy to find brand names. The two I came home with were GAP and Eddie Bauer. 2) Cream, silk shorts. These deserve a different category.  I have been seeing these at Ann Taylor this summer and wanted to try them, but not for those prices! $5 though, sure, I’ll risk it.

3) Pants, pants and more pants. Sometimes just having the right pair of pants to wear with a blouse is a hard find. Pants are also a great Goodwill purchase because in general you don’t wear many pants with prints and most are neutral colors. That doesn’t mean you can’t find pants that don’t fall into this category, however. I found a pair of Limited purple plaid pants and a pair of grey and a pair of cinnamon colored corduroys. I think the cinnamon corduroys were actually my favorite purchase of the day. I also bought a pair of winter white dress pants (in perfect condition) and a pair of ankle cropped Ann Taylor brown plaid dress pants.

4) Tops. When it comes to tops, things get a bit harder. I’m pretty picky about my prints and this is really where you see trends, wear, etc. This is what I found on this trip-a pink lace blouse (seems lace is really in this fall), two casual but brightly colored shirts, a faux shearling shrug-like sweater and a red plaid print sweater.

5) Skirts.  These also can be hard to find. Many are outdated and again, I’m picky about prints. But I did find a classic purple and black tweed skirt and a summery brown and white floral printed skirt (so easy to wear for a busy mom).

6) Jackets.  Lastly I found a dressy grey jacket in a silver brocade. Looking forward to wearing this over the fancy dresses I will be wearing at Christmastime.

At close to $6/item, I think I did quite well!


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