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Thrown Together Thrifting #3

I get so mad when my posts don’t post on time to Facebook, so I apologize that these posts are showing back to back.  I’m still trying to find what the issue is with that program.  

Meanwhile, here is my third group of outfits-

  This top was one of my favorite finds of the trip.  Because it is cashmere.  I love spending less than $5 and getting something special.  I paired it with a fun plaid bag.

Not sure I’m crazy about this photo either.  But it did make the cut.  (What is it that I’m staring off at?)  I like this blouse because it has lots of greens and browns in it and those are colors I wear alot.

 Here’s a little wrap sweater that I was attracted to mostly for this summer to cuddle up in at sundown.  And I found this sweet faux croc bag that’s oh-so-ladylike.

Here’s another one of my favorite purchases of the day, this shiny gold trench (minus the wrinkles).  You know how this girl loves her a trench coat.  Add in a fun metallic (with matching bag) and a ruffle, that’s a winner to me!  


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