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Hairstyles for Evening Wear

Before we talk about accessories for your gown, one thing to consider is how to wear your hair.  Even if you have short hair, there are ways to dress it up and make it different from your everyday hair.

Short hair ladies can wear their hair chic and sleek, smoothing it down for a wet look.  Or a headband or other sparkly hair accessory (heck, even a pretty bobby pin) can add something new.

For those of you with hair that can be put up, here are some recommendations on the age old question- do I wear my hair down or up with this dress?

If your dress is pretty low key, sometimes doing the opposite with your hair adds another dimension.  I know this doesn’t always make sense.  But think of it this way, if you wear a fancy dress and have a really fancy updo, you’re going to feel pretty dressy.  Like going to “prom” or perhaps your own coronation.  Get my drift?  It is just a little fussy.  Whereas, if you wear a fancy dress and have easy hair, it gives it a more relaxed feel.  Think of it like wearing a leather jacket with lace.  Opposites attract.

For necklines, here are some general guidelines (because I guarantee I can find contractions to any hard rules).  Think about what the dress is trying to showcase.

1)      Does your dress have a high neck but is sleeveless?  Then you probably shouldn’t cover it up, wear your hair up.

2)      If the dress has a fancy back, wear your hair up.  Or at least pull all of your hair to the front.

3)      Sleeves can mean, go ahead and wear your hair down.  Same goes for a fully covered front (aka high neck with sleeves)

4)      Strapless dresses are putting the emphasis on your shoulders and neck.  Now, for broad shoulder girls like me, I like to wear my hair down when I’m wearing strapless.  But for those of you with delicate features, showcase those beautiful necks and shoulders and wear your hair up!

5)      An off the shoulder, boat neck or scoop neck dress feels very ballerina.  Try a bun.

6)      A square neck or v-neck could be a half up do.

7)      A one shoulder can be balanced with a braid pulled to the side.  A halter also looks great with a braid.

8)      Thin straps can be a way to showcase your delicate features with an updo or they can be hidden by long hair, if you’re built like me.

9)      A mermaid gown looks great with sleek hair pulled to the side or sculpted Hollywood waves.

10)   And the width of cap sleeves can be balanced with medium length hair worn down.

Lastly, I love hairstyles that are a little bit loose.  Unless you’re doing a severe hairstyle like a high bun, keep things looking relaxed and keep the hairspray to a minimum.  And don’t be afraid to try something trendy or new- here are a few pictures of braids, which have been trendy a few years now.  But maybe something new for you to try!

I hope this gives you some ideas on what to do with your hair based on your dress!

Prom hair accessory


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