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Happy Memorial Day

It’s a day of remembrance for our fallen soldiers, both men and women.  And a day to remember our soldiers who are away from their families and friends, fighting and keeping watch in the name of our country. It is also a day where we remember the deceased and what they have meant in our lives.  It is a solemn day, to be sure, but also the beginning of summer and a promise of a season full of joy. What does all  that have to do with fashion and a home makeover?  Nothing.  But I thought it should be said. So today I’ll post a picture of my dining room progress (and a big thank you to my painting fairies!) and we’ll spend the rest of the day thanking veterans, thanking soldiers past and present and looking forward to a big reunion with those whom have passed for when I too will be gone.

Dining room painted in Huntington Beige from Benjamin Moore


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