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Happy Valentine’s!

It’s Valentine’s Day!  That day that all men dread and women look forward to.

I love getting something for Valentine’s Day.  And while so many people will say, “it is just another day.” That may be true.  But who doesn’t love having their love tell them so!?  I’m lucky enough that the Mr. does so many little things for me.  He refills the water in the Keurig, he plugs my phone in when its dead and he breaks down the cardboard in the recycling.

Those are examples of all the little things he does for me that he thinks go unnoticed.  Honey, I love and appreciate all you do!

In case your Mr. has no idea what to get you.  Send him this post.  Here are some great last minute Valentine ideas you can get just about anywhere, for very little money.  Flowers and chocolates are always great ideas, but here are a few more.

Big gesture= great results.

Here’s my honey’s gift!

Valentine's Day flowers

Valentine’s Day flowers

Shimmer eyeshadow


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