Some days I feel like I’ve been living under a rock.  The majority of us busy moms just don’t have time to keep up on awesome fashion deals.  But that’s no excuse for this lady.  It’s my job to search and hunt down all sources of fashion awesomeness and pass it on to you. So when I stumbled on to the web site http://www.hautelook.com, I just had to share it. Hautelook reminds me a lot of Zulily.com, only with more recognizable brands.  Every day there are sale “events.”  I’m amazed at the prices for some of these namebrands.  Need some cashmere for under $100?  Here’s where to shop!  Want some sweet tall boots for, say, $25!  Sound good to you? Check it out for yourself!  And don’t let these little gems pass me by anymore! What’s your go-to site for amazing deals?