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How to Be a Savvy Thrifter- Step Three

Dressing Room Diaries

Now that you’ve got all of your goodies in the dressing room, it’s time to get busy.  Trying on clothes at thrift stores is not an enjoyable task.  But it needs to be done.  Yes, you can afford to take a risk and just grab it and go.  But if you’re like me and have a cart full, you probably will want to weed through those first. I like to try on pants and shirts at the same time, it makes you feel like you’re being more efficient.  It also helps to see what each item needs to be paired with.

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A few rules for the dressing room- 1) If it needs fixing, it probably isn’t worth your time.  Yes, you can always get it tailored, hem the pants, etc. But most likely, unless you are totally in love with it, you won’t ever find the time.  You can make exceptions to this rule, but only if the fix is VERY simple.  E.i.  it is missing an easy button. 2) As you try on, make three different piles- reject, buy and a maybe pile.  The maybe pile will most likely need a second try-on.  Or if you’re in doubt, wear it the longest.  Leave on those questionable pair of jeans while you try on a few more tops.  I find that your gut reaction is usually the right one. 3)  After you find that the fit is good, check the item thoroughly.  I once put on a pair of jeans that had a huge rip in the crotch.  Stains like oil are hard to see unless you’re upclose, especially if the item is dark in color.  Even though the item is only a few dollars, you don’t want to get home and be disappointed that you bought it. Success!  You’ve found a few things (or your yes pile is pulling the hook off the wall).  Tomorrow- the check out.


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