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If I Were…

a boy.  That was such a weird title, I didn’t think I could post it.

Thinking about how my fashion choices would be different and this was what I came up with for a menswear inspiration.  This was my take on a button-down with some loafers.  Guys have it so easy (and yet, their stuff is so boring).

If I Were With Sweater

If I Were With Sweater

And here it is without the sweater-

If I Were

If I Were

Tank- Ann Taylor

Shirt & Sweater- thrifted

Capris & Sperry’s- garage sale (and yes, I paid $5 for my brand new Sperry’s- score!)

Earrings- ?

Bracelets- gifted, Charming Charlie’s (for a better picture of my bracelets, follow me on Instagram!)


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