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Indian Summer

Indian Summer season can cause some headaches when choosing what to wear.  Are sandels still appropriate?  Can I still wear shorts?  Maybe you have just packed away all of your summer things when the cool weather first hit.  Now what? Shoes can be tricky.  Although the question on whether or not to wear sandels is becoming less and less an issue when there are so many runway looks with sandels and tights.  I try to tone down my sandel wearing once the cooler weather starts.  But when the warm Indian summer days bring temps back into the 80s, I like to wear some fun athletic shoes.  No, not your basic running shoes, but something that is fun and easy to chase kids in. I also take it easy on the shorts.  If you’re wearing a long sleeved blouse with a pair, that can be acceptable.  But by now whatever summer tan I had on my legs is lost and therefore if it gets really hot, I’ll hit the capris. Another thing to consider is to dress in layers.  The same tanks that carried you through the dog days of summer can now be worn with a loose vest.  Or throw on a scarf overtop a tank and it will pass for more of a “fall” look than middle of summer. Here’s a picture of a look from Ann Taylor Loft.  Just a simple summer dress with a scarf.  Looks a little more like Indian summer instead of just plain summer, doesn’t it?


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