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It’s About that Time Again

It’s about that time again to change your closet seasonally.  If you live somewhere that stays about the same climate year-round, this post probably doesn’t help you much.  But if you live somewhere that has big swings in temperature, this is a requirement. Not too many of us need our wool, heavy-weight sweaters in the middle of summer heat.  Nor do we wear our boots, winter coats or leggings in that season.  When it comes time to break out the shorts, capris and sandals, take the time to clear out your closet. Here is the embarrassment mine has come to recently-

How does this happen?  Before winter began (and the last time I changed my closet seasonally), I had my closet color coordinated and grouped by shirts, pants and dresses.  What happens in this five month span results in the above photo.

In my defense, I’ve used a bunch of my “work clothes” here recently.  Aka- painting.  Those are pictured up above my shirts.  I have trouble reaching those and need a stool in my closet for those items.  I also have a bunch of spring and summer items that I’ve recently purchased that have gotten thrown in with the winter stuff.  And thus, my closet is JAMMED.

Time to purge.  Time to price items for my garage sale.  Time to switch seasons.

Here’s some guidelines for this process:

1)  While you are putting away winter items, now is a great time to analyze what you’ve worn this winter.  If you don’t love it, don’t wear it and can’t figure out how you’ll ever wear it, just get rid of it.  Even if it was a gift, new or expensive.  You can choose to donate or sell, but it isn’t doing your square footage any favors.

2)  Now is also a great time to see if you need anything to fill in and make outfits.  Most winter clothes are on sale, so if you’ve been looking for a tweed skirt, snatch it up on sale and throw it in storage with the rest.

3)  As you get out your summer clothing, make sure to organize.  I love to color coordinate clothes.  Color is half the battle of an outfit.  If you pair things by outfit, then you don’t ever see what other potential that shirt might have outside of what it was put together with in the store.  Also, group like items like dresses separate so you can find them easily when the occasion calls for it or you’re in the mood.

Lastly, try on those items on the cut list last year in your summer clothes and be sure they need to be there.  If you’ve gained or lost weight, didn’t wear it the year before or couldn’t figure out how to wear it last year, chances are this season it may not work either.

Enjoy the process!  Thank goodness it’s spring and we can purge and organize!


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