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Kids’ Corner

I got some sad news today and it involved the loss of a baby.  No, not mine.  But has left me feeling very down and appreciating my little ones so much.  It is always sad when a little life is cut short.  But our babies are gifts from God for however many minutes, days, months or years He chooses to give them to us.  And each moment is precious.  Even the ones where they make you want to scream. So I think tonight we’ll talk about the kids’ corner. My middle son discovered a wonderful place to play.  He’s even lost a few Lincoln Logs in the ceiling in this spot already.  In a shot that I could not repeat if I was paid.  Under the stairs we have a little space in the basement for storage.  And while I did not initially consider this for a play space, I think it might make a good spot. Here’s what it looks like now-

For one, it has a fun space to crawl into and disappear.  What kid doesn’t like to tunnel through things?  Secondly, I could use some of the ideas I found on Pinterest to create a cute and organized space.  And if I can’t, I can always shut the door.  🙂


Image courtesy of via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Image courtesy of via Pinterest

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