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Labor Day Weekend- Fruit Flies

Welcome back to reality.  Home again and we have returned to an infestation of fruit flies.  I’m not sure if it is the bananas that were the culprit or if they are just enjoying something yummy that went down the garbage disposal.  But if anything makes you feel like you are a terrible housekeeper, it is these nasty little bugs.

So I didn’t wear today what I had planned.  I spent most of the day doing odds and ends around the home only to return to the kitchen and swat half a dozen or so of the little buggers at a time.

Home remedies anyone? I have vinegar traps set, Draino down the drain, and have cleaned every surface imaginable.  Hm.  Perhaps I need the exterminators number…

Here’s me in my cleaning garb. (Shirt- Cremieux)


If you’re wondering what that is on top of my head, it’s my hair.  Yup, even my daughter doesn’t know me with it down.  It’s been so hot that I haven’t even bothered!


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