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Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school, hurrah!  I know as a parent, I’m excited.  And I also know the teachers have to be cheering as well!

Empty Classroom

Empty Classroom

“Empty Classroom” by criminalatt via

Speaking of teachers, I’m going to do something rather embarrassing.  I’m going to give a little shout-out to a teacher who has been very special in the lives of my two oldest.  She was both their kindergarten teachers.

This year I nominated her for a local radio station’s teacher of the week.  And she won! Much to my chagrin, my name was also announced as to who nominated her.  I wasn’t smart enough to be discreet!   Winning the award also means that she gets to be in the pool for potentially winning the teacher of the year award.  I’m so happy for her.

Through some oversight by my local small-town paper, only her photo appeared with the news that she had been honored with teacher of the week and not the reason WHY she had been nominated.  Like we have so much more important news to share here in our little corner of the woods.

So, since it is the last day, I wanted to share my nomination form and give her, and all the other great teachers out there, special thanks for what they do every day for our kids.  You all deserve a break!

“Mrs. Wonderful Kindergarten Teacher is one of the amazing teachers here. We have phenomenal teachers in our school system, but Mrs. WKT stands out. She teaches kindergarten and I can’t imagine the undertaking it is to get twenty wiggly bodies to learn- especially very important tasks such as reading, counting…tying shoes. But not only does she accomplish teaching these tasks but she excels at it. The children are taught their potential and encouraged to achieve it. The classroom is always in control; she keeps the kids engaged and excited. I think she is remarkable and she deserves, like every teacher here, to be recognized for their exceptional work with our kids. They are making our future brighter. And to be recognized brings satisfaction that their efforts do not go unnoticed.”

Happy Summer Mrs. WKT!  And all you teachers and parents out there!!


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