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Les Mis

Does anyone else feel that their house is completely naked now that their Christmas ornaments are down?  Whose idea is it anyway to put that much effort into decorating a home for only a month?  I’d like an extension! Over the holiday I got the chance to bring in the new year watching Les Miserables, the new movie.  I was so excited to see this movie.  I have seen the musical before but it had been a long time.  And when I found out that Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman were the lead characters… it was so enticing! So we wore something besides our jammies, had some sushi and hit the movie.  And that’s where I was at the start of 2013.  Bawling my eyes out.  Because I’m a total sap.

Normally I wouldn’t blog about a movie.  But once in a while there are a few that are an experience.  While I’d give the movie overall an A-.  The singing was awesome.  Hugh Jackman really carried the movie.  And who knew Anne Hathaway had a voice?  For the most part I enjoyed myself. Have you seen it?  Were you anticipating its release?  Or were dragged along with some friends?  What did you think?


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