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Lesson #3- Return of the Vest

We are talking the resurrecting of the vest.  I’m not ever sure that a simple menswear vest ever goes out of style.  It’s a classic.  And while you may not find this trend in the fashion magazines as a hot item for fall, I am seeing it over and over again on stylish people.  Therefore I’m declaring it a hot item on the must have list. The vest is an easy way to transition from summer to winter.  It acts much like a scarf.  It adds another layer, visual interest and dimension to an outfit.  It can be worn when the weather is still hot in the fall to create more of that fall like look and feel without adding bulk.  No extra sweating required!  It also helps give your summer tanks new life and stretch them even further into the season. Look for a basic cut.  I’m not a big fan of the loosey goosey and drapey vests that have been produced of late,but I’ll admit, I have worn them myself.  I love a good structured vest and it helps create a nice silhouette on the body.  Just because the cut is basic doesn’t mean it can’t have some embellishment.  Just steer clear of anything you may have worn in 1982 with a full denim skirt.  We’re talking tapestry here people.  The more modern the embellishments, the less frumpy it will look! Sleek and stylish menswear!

Colorblocked Twill Vest from Forever 21 $25

Current/Elliott Sleeveless Snap Jacket from Piperlime $146

(I love seeing this one over maxi dresses.  Cut the sleeves off your own old denim jacket, or a Goodwill find.)

XOXO Striped Vest from JCPenney $30


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