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Low Key Luau

A good friend of mine is turning 40 and she decided to host a Hawaiian themed party.  It was so exciting to plan a date night that included fun decorations and dancing! As always, my second question was… what should I wear?  This is what I came up with-

I wore a stretch blue dress from the Express.  And on top I wore a blazer (Tribal) I picked up at a thrift store.  I added  brown heels by Anne Klein and a brown and pink flower belt from LOFT, which is completely covered up by the my lei, courtesy of my friends.  My jewelry was some sparkly brown and pink earrings from LOFT and a brown glitter bracelet from Gordman’s.  Oh and don’t forget, my party hair!  It must have grown in the shower.  😉 As the night wore on and I started to get warm from dancing, the jacket came off and underneath the dress is strapless. What a fun night!


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