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Navy Blue & 42

I have written a whole post about how some of us women don't want all their cheeks hanging out of their swimsuit. And another about what kind of suit flatters which body type. If you're looking for something a little funny and a good laugh, here's a post I did when pregnant and looking for a swimsuit, with a video from The Middle.

But to really make your day, and to celebrate turning 42, here is a video from Jen & Kristin from iMomsohard about swimsuits. I was lucky enough to see these ladies in person and they are hilarious. (And Husker fans.)

I'm stalling, I know. So, without further ado, here is me in my little swim dress. It really is an amazing option when you don't want all of that out there. I've had junk in my trunk since the 8th grade. I am a self described expert at this point in bum camouflage.

I wish I could say there were heavy filters involved here but that's all me. Did I mention it's my birthday? Please be kind.

What I love about a swimdress, it covers. The one I am wearing is a navy Jessica Simpson and has a little cut out below the bust line. It also has a really fun texture to it and that gives it a retro vibe.

So if maybe you don't want a string bikini at this age... No? Oh that means you're NORMAL. I mean no shame to anyone who is wearing one. Kudos to you! But please don't be that girl that is always wearing the swimsuit in group pictures trying to throw shade at all the other girls. Don't be that girl. No one else is wearing the swimsuit in the picture, okay?

So if you're nervous about wearing a suit, this is the starter kit. I don't care if you're a size 2 or 22, this look will flatter. You don't have to overthink it. The point is, get out there!

And age is just a number, right? Cheers!


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