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Next Week

Back to the clothes!  And I apologize again for being so flighty this week. But I can’t stop dreaming about all the fun things I’d  like to do in our yard.  Last year with doing so much work inside our home, the outside had to wait.  And while that might still be the case this year, I can at least afford a little bit of time to dream about what I would like to do with it. All I have to do is scroll around on Pinterest awhile before I’m really drooling over ideas.  We have a fairly big lawn in the back of our house and for the most part, it is landscaped.  But there is always room for improvement. I think the first step for me is to decide what all I’d like to see in the backyard.  I definitely want to keep much of the lawn for the kids but I’d also like to build a little playhouse for them.  When they outgrow it, it can be my potting shed. We’d also like to have a garden.  I’m thinking this could be attached to the playhouse and it could have pavers surrounding it so it looks a little nicer than just a plot of dirt in the yard. Beyond the multitude of plants and trees I’d love to have, every backyard needs a little bit of fencing, even if it is only for character.  And I’m really missing my arbors and pergola from our old house.  So that might be in the works in a few years. It is so beautiful to see green grass.  I can’t wait to at least do a few containers just to get my feet wet for the year! Now if I can only remember to water them! What are your outdoor plans this year?


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