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Petite Fashion Question

I received the following question-

Hey Holly!

I have a dress question for you.  I am getting an older dress (that I have probably had for 10 yrs) altered. Well….I guess I should say I’m taking it to the seamstress for her to pin it.  Anyhow, it’s a black, satin/silky, sheath type dress.  It hits me right below the knee.  And I’m wondering if that is a good length for me?  I feel kinda like since I am short that maybe it’s a bad length??  So I can’t decide if I should have her raise it to above my knee?? 


Thanks for your question Amy!  Since you are on the petite side, I’m hoping your question will help all petites on this issue.  And as I know you personally, and know that if you were a famous person, you would be Penelope Cruz!  There is just something that makes me think of you when I look at her.  And how beautiful is she? (Hello, Vanilla Sky!) Penelope Cruz is also on the petite side coming in at 5’3″.  So I found a few pictures of her in below the knee and above to help you make your decision. Here she is in a below the knee dress.  Here she is wearing something that would look absolutely terrible on someone like me with muscular calves.  The below the knee combo is typically a no-no to pair with dark tights.  Dark tights are there when your skirt is so short, you’re afraid to sit down!  But somehow she pulls this look off.  I do not recommend this pairing.

(Image courtesy of I mean, really, she’d be adorable in a paper bag… Here she is in an above the knee dress-

(Image courtesy of When more of her legs are exposed, she looks leggier (duh) and taller. As a petite, I would always err on the above the knee hemline.  Who doesn’t want to look long and lean?  That is pretty much the goal of us all! I hope this helps you with your dress dilemma!  Holly


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