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Q&A- Husband’s Award Ceremony

I received the following question- Holly- Hi! What do you think is appropriate to wear for a recognition ceremony for my husband? Do I wear a short or long dress? Closed or open shoe?? I need advice! Thanks, Amy Thank you Amy for your question! When you have never been to an event, there is always some uneasiness about the dress code.  The definition of “dressing up” has changed dramatically.  To some, that would mean putting on their good jeans.  No wonder the labels “black tie” and “white tie” were ever invented. Here’s what I would do.  When in doubt about the formality of an event, wear a short dress.  It’s like the Oscars.  Most likely everyone will be wearing long but occasionally a short dress passes.  What I’m saying is that a short dress won’t be as conspicuous as a long dress when everyone is wearing short. Secondly, a LBD can always be dressed up or dressed down.  It is the “safe” bet.  And as far as the shoes goes, I leave the closed toed shoes for winter.  Once the weather warms up, sandals are permitted as “dressy.”  Closed toed shoes only need to be worn out of respect (e.i. a funeral, a job interview). I hope this helps!  Whatever you decide, wear it with confidence and no one will dwell on it!


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