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Q&A- Size Matters

I received the following question- I was in Old Navy a week ago and they have their spring jackets out-so I tried the Med and Large on. The Med seemed a bit short in the sleeves & waist, but the large was too wide. It was full price & I knew if I waited a coupon/discount would come via email. So-happy that I tried them on-I left the store and waited. But then the email discount came & I was going to order, but then I was trumped as to which size to get…hence my question to you. After looking at the reviews someone suggested getting the Tall Med-that seemed to make the med fit better, without adding width. So that’s what I ordered, but I do get a bit frustrated with sizes that have drastic differences from Med to Large, etc. And I don’t want to have to make alterations if I don’t have to! Especially when it is a MUST HAVE! J and a jacket would be way to hard for me to alter myself…

-Jenn Thanks Jenn for your question.  It can be especially frustrating to get sizing right.  And I definitely don’t always get it right either.  I can tell you the biggest difference between spending a little on a piece of clothing verses a lot is how tailored it is.  So sometimes when you are looking to buy pieces from lower cost stores, it can be frustrating when they don’t fit well.  These are the woes of us bargain budget girls. Here’s my advice: 1)  Decide if it is truly a must have (in your case, yes!)  If it is, then hopefully ordering the tall medium size will work out for you.  (There is no industry standard on tall sizing, you simply have to consult the store you are buying from.  Do they have a sizing chart with measurements?  If so, that will help you know whether or not that option will work for you.)  Otherwise, consider having the piece tailored if you can find a good one that doesn’t cost you more than just buying a more expensive piece. 2)  Keep looking.  Sometimes you know when you love a piece and when it is made for you.  Maybe you’ll find one out there that will be both a piece that you will fall in love with and hit you in all the right places.  And on that subject, don’t be afraid to try on pieces that didn’t call to you from the rack.  You never know just how wonderful you are going to look in something until it is on your body!  It can make all the difference. Good luck with your spring coat.  I hope it comes in and fits perfectly.  And I can’t wait to see it! Holly


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