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Q&A- Wedding Wear

I received the following question- I recently got this shirt to wear to a wedding later in the summer.

I am going to wear it with dressy black pants…it’s a Friday wedding so I figure I can get away with not wearing a dress…right? 🙂 Anyway, I really love the top but I’m not 25 anymore and neither are my arms so I’d like something to cover up with a bit. I could use my hair to cover my shoulders like the model does in this pic I spose! 🙂 Seriously though, any thoughts? -Becky Thank you for your question!  The shirt is very cute!  I can’t tell if the shirt is strapless or maybe perhaps there are spaghetti straps under her hair.  My first instinct is to tell you to forget about the cover up.  Unless you feel the need to be covered for the local of the wedding out of respect, let’s be real.  It is summertime and it’ll probably be HOT.  And I’d doubt that you’d be worried about a cover up if you were wearing a dress that looked like this up top.  Plus I know that there is nothing wrong with your arms, so stop feeling like the 26 year old that you are and brave the shirt! But if you really insist on having something there to cover yourself, here are some ideas- 1)  A fancy little bolero, preferably in black

I.N. San Francisco Black Satin Bolero Jacket from Dillards $29

Not something that you’ll wear every day but definitely a handy piece to have in your closet for special occasions.*

2) A very feminine and lightweight “leatherette” jacket, preferably not in black

Four Pocket Faux Leather Jacket from NY&Co. $45

Just keep in mind that you don’t want something double breasted or that looks great only when buttoned up or everyone will miss seeing your great shirt until you take it off.

3) A black blazer worn with the sleeves rolled up

Ruched Sleeve Boyfriend Blazer from Charlotte Russe $37

This will make your outfit more like a suit but to keep it summery and  fun, definitely roll the sleeves.

Always an evening option is a scarf or fancy wrap worn like the bolero around your shoulders and tied in the back.  But this option may be more tricky to pull off with all of the ruffles in the blouse.  

Don’t forget a little black clutch and some seriously high heels!  Both will help make your pants more “party” and less “business.”

I hope that gives you some options!


*I have a black lace bolero that I can lend you.


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