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Rainbow Bright

Do you remember this as a child?  I’m pretty sure I had one.  As much as I love a good neutral, I also love color.  I love to wear it.  For me, it makes life a little more interesting and reflects your mood.

Favorite Childhood Toys... :  wedding toys Rainbow Brite Doll

I don’t encourage the look that this doll is rockin but it begs a question.  Do you know what colors look best on you?  This is a question women have been asking for ages.  Do you remember those coloring tests that were supposed to tell you if you were a spring, summer, winter or fall?  Oh my.  I think those went out with shoulder pads. I’m a firm believer that any woman can wear any color, depending upon the shade.  There are some shades of green that make my eyes sparkle.  And there are some shades of green that make my hair look like a dirty washcloth. It is hard to find the right colors for you.  I don’t always get it right.  But there are those pieces in your closet that you know are it.  When you put them on, the rainbow gods reflect on you and you just look better. I encourage you to take note.  What color is it?  Make a mental note (or a real one, if need be!).  Find more of those colors.  Find accessories to wear up by your face in those colors.  Arrange your closet by color.  What do you find you have the most of?  Neutrals?  A particular color?  Use my Instyle Color Guide to pair your favorites with colors that complement. 

Neutrals Gray- cobalt, seafoam, lavender, lemon Olive- cantaloupe, petal pink, scarlet, celery Navy- orange, bubblegum pink,  turquoise, kelly green Khaki- pumpkin, violet, mustard, lime Ivory- forest, cornflower, candy apple red, buttercream yellow Colors Peacock blue- charcoal, silver, eggplant, cinnabar Grape-coral red, teal, ivory, yellow Seafoam- mint, ocean blue, sand yellow, coral Cinnamon Red- scarlet, tangerine, salmon pink, azure blue Cobalt- lemon, lilac, white, turquoise Tangerine- navy, gray, beige, hot pink Marigold- olive, royal blue, purple, garnet Blush Pink- gray, camel, black, scarlet Emerald- navy, silver, black, fuchsia Cherry- navy, gold, brown, purple Wine- ink, bark brown, espresso, teal Hot Pink- red, navy, gray, orange

There are a few to get you started.  I can’t take credit for putting those together but I’ll be happy to pass them along to help out closets everywhere!  It’s okay to print them out, post in your closet and carry them in your purse.  Go out and find your pot o’ gold!


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