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Review the List

Earlier this spring, I wrote a little bucket list.  Let’s review what was accomplished.

Holly’s Grown Up Summer Bucket List

10) Read a book.  I so miss reading.  It has been three years since I read a book simply because instead I have this blog!  And I really do enjoy and miss it.

Okay, so I started to read a book and even got a few chapters in.  That’s something, right?

9) Sit on the beach and relax with my toes in the sand.  This has to be on everyone’s summer bucket list.

Check, check!  Not to mention countless hours at the pool, even if it was chilly most of the time.

8) Go somewhere I’ve never been.  I love a good adventure and don’t go often enough.

Hm…I may have missed this one.  Sounds like a road trip this fall to me!

7) Take a year off from my annual garage sale.  I just need a break this year.

Yes!  The break was great!

6) Try not to kill my flowers.  Last year even my planted hostas dried up.  This year I’m determined to water daily.

They are still alive.  Well, except those really tiny potted plants.  They had no hope.

5) Host a get together for friends.  It seems like this long, long winter I haven’t seen many of them lately.  It’s time for a party!

I’ve seen a few of them here and there.  I did not host any big blowouts but I did attend other friend’s blowouts.

4) Go to a baseball game and have a hotdog.  Yes, I’m sure they not sanitary but they are a tradition.  Go ahead and judge.

One of my kids went…  I substituted the hotdog/ballgame for mini donuts/state fair action.

3) Spend a day on a boat with family.  It’s time to get out on the water.


2) Attend an outdoor concert.  Or any concert for that matter.  It has been a very long time since I’ve purchased a ticket to see anyone sing.

The Doobie Brothers and Boston!  Check!

1) Finish some uncompleted projects.  Get some of that weight off my shoulders before school starts again.

Still working on this.  I pretty much took the summer off and focused on the kids.  So now the paint brush is getting full on use!

Not too bad overall!


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