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SAG Picks

I have to confess I didn’t watch the SAG awards.  I’m saving myself for the Oscars.  But I did look to see what everyone wore.  And here’s my best dressed nominee-

Marion Cotillard

I just enjoy that this is different. And she wears it with attitude. Oh, and it was a fun color.I also thought Amanda Seyfried looked exceptionally nice.  And she isn’t usually on my radar-

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It must have been a bright blue kind of night…  I enjoyed that Busy Philipps showed off her baby bump in a tasteful and beautiful way. Otherwise, I didn’t see too many other dresses really worth chatting about.  I was terribly frightened by Claire Danes dark lips.  Please, please don’t even try to bring that whole dark pencil, dark lipstick thing back into fashion.  It still isn’t pretty.  But I don’t really have a worst dressed nominee.  Just a bunch of yawns.  Which is fine for a red carpet event that most of us didn’t watch. Oscar month will be rolling around quickly.  Step it up ladies!  Step it up!


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