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Shopping Mecca

I have found the one whom my soul adores.  If you live in the Midwest, you cannot afford to ignore a place like this… the Dillards Clearance Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Picture, if you will, a plethora of new clothing marked down to sale prices.  Next, picture that the sale price is weekly adjusted to an additional mark down.  We’re talking clearance prices on namebrand, new merchandise.  We’re talking prices that easily compete with Goodwill.  We’re talking my language. For example, this weekend my husband and I concentrated on buying some new work clothes for him.  He doesn’t like to shop and has very specific taste.  So we went together and found some items for him.  It just also so happened that this weekend all the men’s clothing (and outerwear) was the biggest markdown in the store.  We bought Polo’s for $6.  We bought Hurley coats for $20.  We bought an originally priced $600 dress coat for $125.  Insanity. I can honestly say that I didn’t stumble upon this shopping mecca myself.  My sister found the diamond in the rough and taught me its magic charms. A few words of caution. 1)  It is large.  It is overwhelmingly large.  We’re talking racks and racks of clothing.  We’re talking it’ll take you two hours to go through the shirts. 2)  It is highly unorganized.  It feels like a thrift store.  You must go when you a) don’t have children with you, b) have a large amount of time, c) feel like treasure hunting, and d) all the above. 3)  There are no shopping carts.  You can grab a measly tote but I’m almost promising you that it won’t hold what you need to try on.  And they don’t hold anything.  And there are no returns.  All sales are final.  4)  There isn’t much for kids.  This is heavily women’s and men’s clothing.  And the selection is completely hit or miss.  They do have what I’d like to someday call my very own shoe department.  (It is large and fabulous.)  But they pretty much don’t have kids shoes and only one small row of men’s shoes. 5)  I may never shop anywhere else again…  It is that wonderful. 


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