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I have seriously got to get out of this slump.  Maybe I need some vitamin D.  Or perhaps someone just needs to sit me under a heat lamp.  I think I need a vacation. The only cure for slumpishness is shopping.  🙂  Thus, I set out the other day with a friend to find a dress for an upcoming fundraising event.  This is pretty monumental for me.  Number one, I’m just not a “go-buy-a-dress” kind of girl.  I’m the girl who you think is nuts because I buy a formal that’s been marked down to $20 on a shopping trip for back-to-school shoes or some such nonsense.  Reason being, I like knowing that I got it for nothing and I have one in my closet I haven’t worn for when the odd occasion should arise that I’ll need it.  Like right now. It is pretty hard for this girl to pull the trigger on a dress without seeing a red clearance stamp on it.  Please don’t confuse this to mean that I don’t like quality or someone else’s leftovers.  I just enjoy sniffing out a good bargain on something I really love.  Alas, I backed myself into a corner this time.  I had to go out on a mission to find something and perhaps pay full-price on a gown that I probably will only wear once, twice if I’m lucky. I set out not knowing what to expect.  I hit Von Maur, Kohls, TJ Max and Dillard’s.  I’m happy to report after a day-long hunt, I finally settled on a floor length dress from Dillard’s.  This post could have been titled 27 dresses because I tried on at least that many.  The price tag was… reduced.  It made this girl’s day.  And at least for a few brief hours brought me out of the slump.

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