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Summer Bucket List

I had a wonderful weekend!  I hope you did too.  We had a family graduation to celebrate. And had to travel across state lines.  Since we were already traveling so far, we decided to make a vacation out of our trip.  The next day we visited my hometown when I was small.  We ran into a few special people including my old baseball coach and a former VBS teacher whose daughter used to babysit me.  Being there was proof that nothing and everything changes.

And our last day, we visited De Smet and the Laura Ingalls Wilder museums and homestead.  I’m reading the book series to my two oldests right now and thought it would be a good history lesson brought to life.  Mom enjoyed it as well.

Going back to school after this long weekend was rough.  My kids and I are so ready to be done.  Which brings me to today’s topic, my summer bucket list.  I made one last year for the kids but today I want to try to make mine.

Summer Time

Summer Time

Photo credit: via Winnond

Here goes:

Holly’s Grown Up Summer Bucket List

10) Read a book.  I so miss reading.  It has been three years since I read a book simply because instead I have this blog!  And I really do enjoy and miss it.

9) Sit on the beach and relax with my toes in the sand.  This has to be on everyone’s summer bucket list.

8) Go somewhere I’ve never been.  I love a good adventure and don’t go often enough.

7) Take a year off from my annual garage sale.  I just need a break this year.

6) Try not to kill my flowers.  Last year even my planted hostas dried up.  This year I’m determined to water daily.

5) Host a get together for friends.  It seems like this long, long winter I haven’t seen many of them lately.  It’s time for a party!

4) Go to a baseball game and have a hotdog.  Yes, I’m sure they not sanitary but they are a tradition.  Go ahead and judge.

3) Spend a day on a boat with family.  It’s time to get out on the water.

2) Attend an outdoor concert.  Or any concert for that matter.  It has been a very long time since I’ve purchased a ticket to see anyone sing.

1) Finish some uncompleted projects.  Get some of that weight off my shoulders before school starts again.

I can’t wait to get started!  I challenge you to make a bucket list, just for yourself this summer.  It is so fun to watch the checklist get shorter!


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