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Sundays With Lloyd- Necessities

Fashion is just the beginning of style.  Personal style.  “Style begins and ends with every expression you send out to the world, whether it’s on your back, atop your head, on your feet, or from your desk.”  And Lloyd recommends always being prepared to look your best.  Here is the list of Lloyd’s necessities to keep you stylish: 1) Lipstick 2) $50 in cash 3) Breath mints 4) Hairbands 5) Earrings- stud, huggy or dramatic drops 6) A just-out-of-the-shower scented perfume (rain, cucumber, lavender, citrus) 7) Nail polish remover towelettes 8) Clear or nude nail polish 9) Emery board 10) Costume jewelry necklace 11) Premoistened face-cleansing pads 12) Concealer, mascara, pressed powder, a soft blush 13) Cotton swabs 14) Scarf in a bold color 15) Thin black belt or thick belt with attitude 16) A knit jersey dress in black or black pants and solid camel-colored shoulder wrap 17) A strapless bra 18) Nude or black high heels This list was either for your glove compartment or an emergency bag in the back of your car. This is a long list!  I completely understand the recommendations here but wow, I’m not sure I used to carry that much stuff in my diaper bags. Here is my edited version, five things every woman should carry in their purse.

That’s my short list!  These are tried and true, believe me!


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