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Sweet, Sweet Saturday

Ah, you made it.  It’s finally Saturday.  No alarm clock, no carpool.  It’s time to relax.  But put those yoga pants away!  (Unless you’re headed to the gym.)  You can be comfy and casual and not the whole day in front of your closet figuring out how. Get out your trusty GAP jeans and roll them up, boyfriend style.

Belt them with this leather belt from Kmart-

Accessories Women’s Oval Center Bar Belt $8 (Seriously, leather for $8?)

Add on a nice t-shirt (nothing oversized) that is tuckable.  I like this one-

It is from the Hanes Signature Collection.  Stop the presses!  Serious fashion from the t-shirt company?  Yes!  And they aren’t paying me to say this… but you need to check out the other items available.  So cute! Hanes Signature Women’s Soft Luxe Ruched Tee $15 on sale

Top off with a printed snood.  

This one is from my new favorite web site-

Just to keep yourself feeling stylish and avoiding sitting on the couch all day watching sad Lifetime movies, throw on your Piperlime “loafers.”

Enjoy the sweetness of Saturday!

Image 1 of Pieces Palace Fairisle Snood


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