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SWL- Fresh Face

Have you heard the expression that your possessions start to possess you?  For example, when you have so much stuff that it starts weighing you down? I’m a little bit that way.  I’m not a hoarder but I believe sometimes my creativity is a hindrance.  When I get a package for my birthday, I want to save the ribbon because I know I can use it in a project.  And then I have piles of ribbon that take up space.  Or I’m on Pinterest too long (which causes my creativity to go into a tailspin, my mind is overloaded with possibilities) and I start saving diaper boxes to cover with fabric for cute storage options.  Not so cute piled up in my garage. I know all of those things are excellent uses of recycling.  And on a small scale, a wonderful idea.  But when you see the potential in so many things, those things start to multiple…this is what it is like in my makeup drawers. 

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We all have those lipsticks we never wore or a foundation that wasn’t the right shade that sit.  In with the rest of the makeup we actually use daily.  And rarely do they get tossed.  Why?  The potential?  The possibilities?  The laziness?  Before long our makeup bags won’t zip anymore and the drawers won’t shut.  It is that time of year, to throw away all of those beauty items that you will never use.  Especially if they are expired. Lloyd gives an excellent example of how to rule out what to toss.  First, try to recall when it was purchased.  If you don’t remember, how worn is the package?  “Sometimes a lost $10 eye pencil is better than a found $100 eye infection.” Here’s his general guideline for beauty freshness: Powder     8-12 months Eyeliner     3 -12 months Eye shadow 3-12 months Mascara     3 months Concealer   4 -8 months Lipstick     1 year Foundation     6 to 12 months And if it is something you just purchased but know you’ll never use.  I’d give it to a friend or a family member to try.  Maybe your trash is their treasure.  Either way, you’ll be putting your freshest face forward.


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