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SWL- Investment Pieces

“Great style is how you put it together, not how much you spend.” -Sandra De Nicolais, Fashion Director of Life & Style Weekly Those words quoted in Before You Put That On made me think of a fashion question I was asked recently.  “What pieces should I invest in?” You can click here to read a post I wrote previously on this issue but I thought I’d update it again. Here are three other pieces that I think every woman could plunk their money into if they are so inclined. 1)  Shoes- It is no secret they can make or break an outfit.  Take off your flip flops and put on a pair of heels and you feel different.  And you look different too! While I’m a huge believer that looking great doesn’t have to break the bank, if you are going to invest, make it on things that last.  Don’t spend $100 on a white cami.  It just isn’t worth it.  But a really nice pair of comfortable leather shoes, these are worth your money. 2)  Coat- There are times in the winter when you don’t even get beyond the coat.  Think picking up the kids at school or running errands or grabbing a coffee, people see you in your coat more than any other item.  Make it a good one.  Look for something not everyone else is wearing.  Red and black are the traditional colors.  Think outside the box.  Perhaps a patterned coat would be a standout.  Maybe that mustard color flatters you like no one else.  Spending over $100 here makes sense. 3)  Suit- A great fitting suit.  Yes even the stay-at-home mom needs one of these.  Why?  Let’s see. A black suit is a great option for a night out with the hubby someplace fancy and also a great option to have if there’s a funeral to attend.  Need to make a presentation to the school board or pitch an idea for a new business, you need to look the part in a suit.  If you find one that hugs your body in all the right places, spend the extra dollar.  There is rarely a suit that goes “out.”  So it’ll last for years. I hope this gives you some direction when you have a few extra dollars in the budget!


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