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SWL- It’s the Good Stuff

Happy Palm Sunday everyone!  There was so much this week that I’d like to share from Lloyd. First off, he included a list of must-have skirts.  Are these in your closet? “Neutral or dark solid A-line skirt Neutral or dark solid pencil skirt Neutral or dark solid knee-length straight skirt Ball gown skirt Cotton weekend skirt Vacation wrap skirt Beaded or embellished skirt Floral skirt Winter skirt in tweed or houndstooth Soft-skin skirt (leather or suede)” Secondly, he reminded me that getting ready in the morning should be fun.  Turn off that blasted morning news show and turn on some fun music!  Or set the mood when going out, just like you did when you were in college with your roomies.  Whatever the occasion, play a little tune to help getting ready inspirational and much more fun. Thirdly, Lloyd gave some serious tips on dressing for the theatre.  I’m not talking about the movies here girls.  He’s talking about a little play or the opera or a musical.  Maybe even Sesame Street live counts.  Okay, maybe not.  But this whole jeans and sweatshirt routine has got to stop!  There is a time and place for all clothing and the theatre is your chance to wear something fancy.  Does it have to be a ballgown?  No.  But anything sparkly, beaded, metallic, ornate or a very nice fabric counts.  A few other tips- don’t wear a bulky coat so you don’t have it in your lap.  And don’t have gigantic hair that the people behind you can’t see past. Lastly, dressing for the opposite sex.  There is a huge difference between dressing like a lady of the night and playing up assets.  And let’s be honest, when you wear something that might be termed “sexy,” does it not make you have a little more self-respect?  Don’t you stand taller?  Lloyd relates it to Ginger and Mary Anne from Gilligan’s Island.  If you find yourself in the Mary Ann column, it is time to throw in a little bit of Ginger.  It can be as simple as a change in shoe.  Mix in something flirty once in awhile.  When you wear shoes that are soley (pun intended) for comfort, you can bet that you’re going to walk, talk and feel a little different than when wearing a heel. All good stuff.  All good stuff…


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