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SWL- Lucky to Be Different

I apologize that my posts have not been posting to Facebook, where I know many of you follow and read. It has something to do with the program I use to post automatically and I’ll try to keep on top of the problem. Meanwhile, I am still posting, you just have to manually visit the site. So we’ve missed a few Sundays with Lloyd and I thought I’d catch you up. I find it so interesting what information he passes along that sometimes seems so obvious but until you think of it in a new and different way, you almost forget to think of it! Case in point, celebrating being you. Lloyd reminds us this week that what makes us different is to be celebrated. If you love your eyes, play them up. If you think you’ve got awesome legs, show them off. Focus more on your strengths instead of comparing your weaknesses to others. I love this quote by Taylor Swift-

Image courtesy of via Pinterest

So the next time you’re feeling sorry for yourself, turn your differences into a positive. God gave you your challenges to help others and potential change someone else’s life. Go out and make a difference with your differences!


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