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SWL- Rear View

This week Lloyd talks about remembering to focus on the backside of your outfit.  We all do this, we focus so much on what we look like from the front, we forget to check out the back. His tips are this simple: 1)  Is there any visual interest from the back? I have to say, I’m not a fan of the bling on the pockets of your jeans.  I just think at some point, we all don’t need to highlight what’s going on there.  And, we are no longer a part of a high school clique.  They are not a uniform to acceptable society. Now if you want to highlight your rear with something subtle, that’s fine.  I don’t even mind embellishment when it is done correctly.  A little bow on the bottom of a pencil skirt.  A corseted collared shirt. Little details make the pieces more interesting. 2)  Are there any tags or strings showing? Just glance once in a while at your backside when getting dressed.  Maybe that pencil skirt has a slit that is still sewed shut. 3)  Does everything fit properly? Here’s my downside.  Getting the right fit isn’t always easy.  Especially when you aren’t a Hollywood star with a personal tailor there to ensure everything fits like a glove.  Do your best to be proud of what’s happening in the back so what you wear is neither too tight or too loose. Remember these quick tips and don’t forget to check out the rear view!!


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